Rates and Services - Bespoke Training

Many organisations and individuals require bespoke training to suit particular needs. 

If you require training in any area of Special Educational Needs, Disability, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Positive Behaviour Support, Child Development, Autism, SEN Interventions or Coaching please contact Dr Holland at drpaulholland@outlook.com or call him on 07710 621 852.

Bespoke training provided in the past has included:

Writing Behaviour Support Plans

Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VB)

Introduction to the Disability Discrimination Act

American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing

Where's the B in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)?

Child Protection

Utilising Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in the School Setting

Introduction to Autism

Re-thinking Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Rates and Fees

Rates will be dependent upon the length of training and content. 

Typically training is charged on a per person per day basis. As an example, Makaton training costs approximately £80 - £100 per person per day. 

This is excellent value considering that the majority of seminars, conferences and workshops cost in excess of £150 per person.

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