Student Behaviour and performance consultant

Finding Learning Challenging?

An Introduction To Student Behaviour And Performance Consultancy


Throughout their lives, most students around the world, will, at some point, find learning or the environment in which they learn, challenging. This may sometimes be due to learning differences or difficulties, whilst for others, something else may be inhibiting their potential. Regardless, it is possible, especially if we consider the needs of the individual, for this experience to be very different!

When working with students, I conduct a thorough assessment which includes talking to the student, consulting the student's teachers and parents and depending on the age, sometimes observing the student in the educational environment. This enables me to identify:

1. Where challenges may exist?

2. The learning profile of the student.

3. How the learning environment may be altered.

4. Potential areas to develop.

Moving forward I then work closely with students (and schools) to identify goals, consider the steps to reach the goals, contemplate barriers to success and developing strategies to maximise positive growth. This is a process known as Mental Contrasting.

What must be stressed is that this process is collaborative and agreed upon by all parties involved.

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School-Based Consultancy 

Working Together To Maximise Learning Behaviours

I have worked in a number of schools in the United Kingdom as well as Israel and Australia and I have a thorough understanding of the UK school system. I also appreciate the importance of working in tandem with teachers, SENCO’s and learning support assistants to make positive steps to achieve change.

I can provide consultancy for education professionals, or I can provide guidance in regards to a specific, individual pupil. It all depends on what your school needs and how I can be of assistance. Broadly speaking this tends to cover the areas of ADHD, ASD and Neurodiversity.

When I observe children within the school environment, I do so non-intrusively. At the end of each session I provide both the parents and the school with a report and verbal feedback and encourage an ongoing dialogue with all parties. Contact me if you would like to know more about my school based consultancy and/or student behaviour and performance consultancy. 

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Chartered Psychologist in The Wirral and UK












Home-Based Consultancy 

Providing A Framework For Change At Home

I offer a home-based consultancy when parents find their children behaving in a way that is unexpected or unsettling. This can benefit both children and adults in that I observe both parties behaving at home in their most relaxed setting. In addition, rather than seeing a child daily at their school, I can work in unison with the parents to provide guidance and a context for change. This can often be a more productive utilisation of everyone’s time.

After observing both parties interacting I will identify potential ways forward and systems to put into place so as to encourage change and growth. I will discuss these systems with you and work together to create strategies in implementing them. I will create a  report for you, with guidance for the future. Get in touch for more information about my home-based consultancy and executive function skills coaching in the UK and abroad.


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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Consultancy

Improving The Lives Of Those In Supported Living

I have worked for several supported living organisations. In these roles I worked with adolescents and adults who reside in supported living environments, those with learning difficulties, and those who can no longer live comfortably or safely at home. Get in touch for more information about improving the lives of those in supportive living.

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