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A large component of the work that Dr Holland does is Consultancy. This includes visiting schools to observe children and adolescents within the education setting, visiting families within the home, visiting individuals within supported living environments and consulting on home-based ABA, VBA and PBS programs. Dr Holland also liaises closely with schools when working with young people as a Coach.

School-Based Consultancy

Paul has worked as a Consultant in schools all over the United Kingdom as well as in Israel and Australia. 

Paul has a thorough understanding of the UK school system and realises the importance of working closely with teachers, head teachers, SENCO's and learning support assistants. 

When Paul observes children within an education setting he does so as non-intrusively as possible. At the end of each session Paul provides both the parents and the school with a detailed report and verbal feedback (if required).

Home-Based Consultancy

As well as observing children in the school setting Paul often visits the home. This is important as the home is the other place that children and young people spend most of their time. Also it is the place where people are the most relaxed and 'in control'. 

Sometimes seeing a professional is daunting so Paul likes to reduce this feeling as much as possible by seeing people in their own environments, places where they are in control and therefore feel able to retreat if necessary.

Paul will happily come to your house to observe your child and afterwards talk you through some ideas, suggestions and ways forward. Again a full report will be provided so that you always have the suggestions at hand.

Home-Based ABA / VBA Consultancy

Often families decide to run home-based ABA / VBA programs to assist their children with Autism and other learning difficulties. Paul has worked as a consultant in this field since 1997. 

If you are wanting to begin a home-based program or want further input for an existing program, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Paul was trained by Dr Sundberg and Dr Partington at Behavior Analysts Inc. in California and is a firm believer and skilled consultant in the Verbal Behaviour approach to ABA. In addition Paul has a graduate qualification in Applied Behaviour Analysis and is a Full Member of the Association for Behavior Analysis.

PBS Consultancy

Paul also works with adults with learning difficulties within the supported living sector. Paul is passionate about improving the lives of individuals with learning difficulties and strives wherever possible to increase independence and overall well-being. 

Paul is a firm believer that regardless of ability each individual has the right to make choices and to enjoy their lives as fully as possible! 

Fees / Rates

Fees for consultancy vary, however the typical rate is approximately £110 per hour. For more information please contact Paul at drpaulholland@outlook.com or call him on 07710 621 852.

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