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I am here to help adults, children, parents,  carers and teachers overcome challenges around neurodivergence

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Learning can be a challenging experience.

Challenges presented by neurodivergence can be frustrating, causing arguments and disengagement, and lead to drastically inferior outcomes if left to develop. With the aid of neurodiversity consulting and coaching, you can begin to address barriers to success, and identify goals and steps to take that can help to turn things around.

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gradient brain icon in blue and green Parental coaching

If you are facing challenges with your children, or if your child is encountering difficulties, sometimes an objective perspective can make all the difference. I offer a supportive environment where we can assess the situation together and develop effective strategies to move forward. Whether you are experiencing communication breakdowns or other issues, I am here to help.

By observing your interactions with your child in a non-intrusive manner, I work in partnership with all involved parties to identify the best path forward. Drawing from attachment theory and evidence-based parenting strategies, we will tailor a detailed action plan to suit your unique circumstances.

Together, we will create a nurturing environment that fosters positive change and harmony within your home. If you are interested in parental coaching, executive function skills coaching, or positive behaviour support consultancy, I am here to support you.

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Parental Coaching   





gradient brain icon in blue and green Helping students and teachers

Almost every student, at some point, will find learning, or their learning environment, difficult in some way. By identifying this and taking positive action to help, we can improve their outcome significantly. With the help of my positive behaviour support consultancy, we can gauge where challenges may exist, and how the learning environment can be changed to suit the learning profile of the student. Every stage of this process is collaborative, and involves consultation with the student, their parents, and teachers, to help foster growth and facilitate leaning.

I can also work within schools to provide my neurodiversity coaching and positive behaviour support to education professionals, where I can provide guidance for the school itself. I can also provide direction for individual pupils, helping the school to provide the right environment for them to successfully learn and thrive.

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Neurodiversity Consulting 





gradient brain icon in blue and green Executive function skills coaching

Executive functions refer to the cognitive processes that enable us to tackle essential activities like planning, regulating emotions, and maintaining organisation. When these crucial skills are underdeveloped, they can profoundly affect your learning, personal growth, and relationships with others.

My approach involves working with children, adolescents, and adults to pinpoint any challenges they may be experiencing with the twelve executive function skills. Together, we develop a comprehensive plan tailored to address these obstacles and guide you toward overcoming them effectively.

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Neurodiversity Coaching   





gradient brain icon in blue and green We also offer Mindfulness Teaching

As a fully-licensed mindfulness teacher, I offer personalised individual or group-based sessions delivered via the Mindfulness NOW program.

The Mindfulness NOW program combines two evidence-based approaches to mindfulness: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Mindfulness NOW can be delivered on an individual basis or in a group setting, either online or in person. Unlike MBSR and MBCT, the Mindfulness NOW program offers flexibility in its duration, allowing for an eight-week, six-week, or even four-week format.

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Mindfulness Teaching