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Dr. Paul Holland 
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Helping People Of All Ages Live Their Lives To The Fullest

Every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Every individual should be given the chance to make as many personal decisions as possible. 

Every individual should have the right to lead a fulfilled and autonomous life.

Every individual should have the right to impact their own life and be involved at every level.

For the last 25 years, I have worked alongside people of all ages, coaching them to live their lives more fully, functionally and independently. If you are a parent, teacher, carer or indeed someone wanting to create change in their life, take a look at the services I offer. Alternatively, if you are a child, adolescent or adult looking to develop your executive function skills or to learn new skills so as to live your life more fully, my executive function skills coaching, in the UK and worldwide may be able to assist you.

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My Way Of Working

Like most coaching models, I work collaboratively with clients to achieve goals and to create positive change. Integral to this process is the development of a strong working relationship, often referred to as 'working alliance'.

My way of working can best be described as Person-Centred and Integrative, including components of several psychological and coaching theories, paradigms and practices:

1. Behavioural Psychology

2. Positive Psychology

3. Coaching Psychology

4. Neuro-psychology

5. Solution Focused Brief Therapy

6. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

7. Mindfulness

8. Attachment Theory



Chartered Psychologist in The Wirral and UK


Chartered Psychologist in The Wirral and UK

Consultancy Services 


Student Behaviour And Performance Consultancy

If you have recognised one of your students (or your own child) experiencing challenge of some type in the school environment I can help. Adopting a combination of strategies and techniques I am well equipped to assist education professionals and parents in identifying positive approaches to adjust behaviours and identify ways for students to progress both socially and academically.

I have more than twenty-five years’ experience, observing pupils with ASD, ADHD, and neurodiversity, identifying areas requiring attention, and developing student-centred techniques to bring about change.

Home Based Consultancy

Children and adults often find it intimidating meeting with professionals in office-based situations and environments. Considering this, I can travel to your home and observe non-intrusively as you and your child interact. Indeed, it may be more productive to visit the parents a handful of times to develop alternative approaches to interact, rather than having the child involved in every meeting. Get in touch for information about my consultancy services and executive function skills coaching in the UK and abroad.

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Executive Function Skills Coaching

Executive functions are processes in the brain which allow us to undertake vital tasks such as planning enterprises, managing emotions and staying organised. If this critical skill is underdeveloped, this can have a significant impact on your learning and development and your relationships with friends and family.

I work with children, adolescents and adults to identify which of the twelve executive functions that you may be having difficulties in. Then we work together to create a detailed plan of action to assist you in overcoming these obstacles. 

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Parental Coaching

If you feel you are having difficulties with your children, or if your child is experiencing challenge, sometimes what is needed is an objective person to assess the situation and to support all the parties in rekindling effective communication and developing strategies to move forward. If you feel the relationship between your child has reached complications, I can observe you and your child non-intrusively, and work in partnership with all concerned to identify the best steps in moving forward in a positive way.

Taking into consideration attachment theory as well as what we know to be effective parenting strategies and alongside your personal situation, we can collaboratively create a detailed plan of action to move forward. It is through this supportive network that we can hope to create positive change so as to create a more harmonious home environment for you and your children. Please contact me for more discussion about parental coaching, executive function skills coaching and behavioural consultancy in the UK and abroad.

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