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Dr Holland provides a wide range of workshops in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis, Verbal Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support and Challenging Behaviour. 

For more details of the different workshops and the fees associated with each, please refer to the information provided below.

Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis

Within this workshop you will be introduced to the field of ABA. Definitions of behaviour will be provided and the reasons why people behave the way they do will be discussed. Attendees will be introduced to the A-B-C model, reinforcement schedules and how to maximise learning via reinforcement, stimulus control, and motivation as well as practical ways to begin implementing ABA within your home and workplace.

This is a 1-day course and is only intended to be introductory.

Cost: £120 per person. This fee covers all teaching and handouts.

Determining the Cause of Behaviour that Challenges

Too often we attribute cause to behavioural difficulties without really knowing why an individual is behaving the way they are. Within this workshop you will learn how to fully understand why certain individuals behave the way they do. Behaviour does not just occur. Certain environmental events may be triggering behaviours and how we respond to individuals often maintains behaviour that we otherwise would like to modify or adapt.

Attendees will be introduced to Functional Behaviour Assessments, ways to observe and measure behaviour, interventions to effectively deal with challenging behaviour and how to assess if what we are doing is really working. 

This is an invaluable workshop for anyone working in the field of Challenging Behaviour and is suitable for people working with all ages.

This is a 1-day course. 

Cost: £120 per person. This fee covers all teaching and handouts.

Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

The following is an example of a course outline that I have recently facilitated:

Introduction – 1 hour

  • What is Positive Behaviour Support
  • What is Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Difference between PBS and ABA

Positive Behaviour Support – 2 hours

  • Components of PBS : Values / Theory / Evidence Base / Process
  • Proactive / Active / Reactive : 70/20/10
  • Creating high quality care and support environments
  • Functional, contextual and skills based assessment
  • Developing and implementing a Behaviour Support Plan
  • Evaluating intervention effects and on-going monitoring

Practical – 2 hours

  • Writing a PBS Behaviour Support Plan – this is a chance for each learner to create a BSP under the guidance of a qualified professional that can then be taken and used within the workplace. This is also a transferrable skill that can be use with other people that learners support.

The cost for this particular course was £150 per person.

Child-Centred or Person-Centred Intervention

Often children and young people and indeed adults with special educational needs and other difficulties engage in challenging behaviour as for them, life is sometimes overwhelming. 

They may experience communication difficulties, find it hard to socialise, lack concentration or simply find particular activities or tasks difficult to complete. Rather than blaming them, what such people require is intervention that actually deals with the problems they face. 

This is what this workshop provides - an introduction to child-centred or person-centred intervention strategies that assist individuals to overcome particular difficulties and help them deal more effectively with day to day life.

Attendees will be introduced to Makaton, PECS, Handwriting Without Tears, Visual Timetables, Social Stories and ABA as well as learning how to determine what intervention to use. 

Obviously this will be an introductory workshop however follow-up and more in-depth workshops are available upon request.

This is a 1-day course.

Cost: £120 per person. This fee covers all teaching and handouts.

Each workshop will include practical examples and case studies. Participants are actively encouraged to discuss cases that they are working with and share examples with the group. As such all of the training that Paul provides is interactive and tailored specifically for each group.

Fees sometimes vary depending on the cost of venues and facilities however I like try and keep costs at around  £120 per person.

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